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Wish you could have large dealership service with the comfort of a small shop, without the overpriced bill and the long wait?  This is the place.  

Hunter Road Force wheel balancer. World class equipment for balancing tires and auditing rims and wheel  assemblies. This takes the vibration out your car when wheel weights won’t cure the vibration.

Diagnostic equipment.  We offer Several Snap on scanners, flashing,  along with other  scanners. This is one of the biggest challenges with newer vehicles.  There are many  modules controlling sensors and most of these modules or ecm/bcm need to be flashed upon replacement.  Flashing,  smoke machines,  scanners, automatic  tire changers, HD cameras.  The car repair business has really changed.

The Hunter Revolution tire changer.  The only fully automatic tire changer.  No more scratching rims.  Size doesn’t matter.    Reverse drop, 30 inch rim, run flat, black satin with TPMS?  We can do it. This tire changer is amazing.

Oil changes and maintenance are a must for a shop.  We have a separate bay just for all those different oil blends, fuel filters, air filters and we can check the alignment and tires too.

Hunter Hawk Eye Elite Alignment machine.  No wheel limits and will not scratch your rims.  From a F550 to a Z06 Vette to a minivan.  We have two Hunter alignment bays Ready to solve that tire wear or that annoying steering  wheel drift.  We offer free alignment check to all our customers.  Why pay for an alignment if you don’t need it?  Resetting  of the Steering Angle Sensor is also available.